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1. How to place the order?

First of all, you can choose a suitable own pay the deposit of payment, Second, payment after success, fill in the information, send to customer service.

2. Reliable trading?

The good faith is the primary factor in the business.In order to protect the interests of both parties, so pay deposit first, is for the sake of constraints on both sides.

3. How quality of the degree / diploma?

We promise and original exactly the same, to ensure all process complete. Process include: Hot stamping, Laser anti-counterfeiting, Watermark, Stamp etc.

4. How to query the express run dynamic?

In and  to query.

5. What can be used to do with the diploma / degree?

You can use to find jobs. If it is lost their diploma / degree, you can stay as a memento. If there is no graduation, you can give your parents a perfect replacement. You can create conditions for their future.

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