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The Common seal of Monash University in Bachelor degree

The Common seal of Monash University. Independent audit institutions at the university of Australia announced: because of intensive study at monash university and international reputation, it is becoming one of the best universities in the world.
Monash university is composed of ten departments, including: business and economics, engineering, information technology, medicine, nursing and health care, art and design, science, law, education, humanities, etc.
More than ten departments are equipped with bachelor degree, master degree and doctoral programmes.
In addition, monash university has its own monash college, offers international students into the monash university special pathway, international students can be in the study of monash college, direct access to study at monash university, finally also get a monash university degree diploma.
Monash university has its own English teaching center, to provide all kinds of form a complete set of English courses for international students, including basic English courses, senior English course, ielts English courses, English helicopter courses, professional courses in English.Monash university's main built 95 nuclear research center, participated in the 17 cooperative research centre.In addition, the University has established cooperative relations with the global 120 research institutions, in many research fields are set up the international prestige, especially in the following areas: stem cell research, nanotechnology, reproductive biology, drug development, road safety, buy diploma, University degree. In addition, as Australia first medical research university, monash university from the Australian national health and medical research council received a $26 million research fund.

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