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The UK Universities degree watermark sample, fake degree

The UK Universities degree watermark sample, fake degree

uk university watermark

Watermark is a kind of special dark grain paper: paper flat when you couldn't see transparent graphics; For paper look into a light, can see a clear pattern.13th century Italian artisans in writing online and woven out of letters, Numbers, or design, the paper with watermark as a trademark.Is now in paper machine net with modified (watermark) compressed wet sheet to form a watermark.Modified can be carved out all sorts of decorative pattern or design according to need. Watermark is formed in the process of paper making, it is "clip" rather than on the surface of paper in the paper, to meet the ray can clear to see, light texture of graphics, portrait, or text.It is a paper in the production process with change the pulp fiber density method and made of. Most universities in UK are using this watermark to make the degree and diploma. Fake degree make up is very troublesome, So as to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting.

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