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The Seal of the University of Wollongong and University degree

University degree

The Seal of the University of Wollongong. With Australia's largest ICT research centre at the university of wollongong.By the new south wales government named as "the state telecoms skills center" and "home of diploma serve",
University of wollongong is one of the largest information technology and telecommunications research institute in the southern hemisphere, new south wales government awarded the university of wollongong "information technology and telecommunications research center of excellence" of the title.
Academic research from the university of wollongong is provided by the federal government funds, has eight research institute, with 19 countries and regions of 65 universities and research institutes have partnerships with diplomaserve agency cooperation, also the research university degree and MBA degree , including duke and Fletcher's mountain universities in the United States, Britain, Baxter and European arbor and the university of Warwick, and Mr Khoja olins university, Thailand LiangKang and aspen Hudson university, Taiwan ocean university and Chinese academy of sciences in China.

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