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How can American degrees be certified in China

How can American degrees be certified in China

Materials are required for academic certification

1. A two-inch blue background ID photo;

2. The original and photocopy of the degree certificate or diploma of higher education in a foreign language (the official language of the country where the certificate is issued) to be certified;

3. Original and photocopy of the official transcript of all the courses completed for the degree or Diploma of Higher Education;

4. Original Chinese translation of foreign academic degree certificates (higher education diploma) and transcripts (research certification letter) to be certified (shall be translated by a formal translation agency (company); personal translation shall be invalid;

5. If the applicant studies in a domestic college or university and obtains a foreign diploma, he/she should provide the original and photocopy of the diploma from a domestic college or university, or the student registration certificate of The Student letter network;

6. Original and copy of all passports (including the first page of the passport -- personal information page, the last page -- signature page, and all visa records and entry and exit records of the applicant during the study period).If the applicant's passport has expired during his/her study abroad period, the applicant should also provide the original passport or the original and copy of the valid id card within the valid period.

7. The authorization statement completed by the applicant in person;

8. EMS Speedpost mailing List (the mailing list shall be provided by the verification institution;Please fill in the commonly used address and telephone number in China, which is consistent with the information in the certification system);

9. For those studying in the United States with a degree certificate and holding an F-1 visa, an I-20 form is required;For Visa J-1, a DS-2019 form is required;Returnees studying in Canada need to submit study permit (Study Permit) issued by The Canadian Immigration Office.

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