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Comparison of Corona Virus Disease 2019(COVID-19) vaccines in different countries

Current vaccines effective data published a total of 5, respectively is: U.S. drug maker Pfizer biology new technology companies cooperation with Germany, the United States American biotechnology company's Dana (morderna) research and development, the university of Oxford and astrazeneca's joint research and development, Russia and Mary developed by Beijing institute for research and development, China's national medicine group.

Among these five vaccines, Pfizer of the United States has the highest clinical trial scale, and Sinopharm of China ranks second. Sinopharm has certain advantages.

In terms of efficiency, Pfizer of the United States ranks first, and Sinopharm of China ranks fourth. Sinopharm is at a relative disadvantage.

In terms of adverse reactions, the university of Oxford and astrazeneca company combined vaccines to the most serious adverse reactions, a U.S. biotechnology company's Dana (morderna) research and development also appeared mild or moderate adverse reactions, the Pfizer, Russia and Mary research institute, China national medicine group vaccine found no serious adverse reactions, drug group has certain advantages. How to buy a fake diploma? where to buy a degree? fake mba degree, master degree, fake diploma.

Storage conditions are the core advantage of Sinopill vaccines, which is very important. The storage temperature of Sinopill vaccines is 2 to 8℃, which is relatively easy to meet. Professor Toby Peters from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom has mentioned that most vaccines are stored at 2-8℃.In addition to the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine with serious adverse reactions, the other three vaccines require a minimum of below 18℃, and Pfizer even requires a minimum of 70℃. This is quite harsh, exceeding the requirements of cold chain protection under the actual conditions of many countries, which limits the effective distribution of vaccines.

In terms of price, the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is the lowest, but the adverse reactions are also insufficient. Sinopharm's price is relatively lower than Modena's, so the price is at a certain disadvantage.

Based on the above comparison, Sinopharm vaccines have obvious advantages in terms of storage and transportation conditions and adverse reactions, as well as certain advantages in terms of experimental data, but they are relatively inferior in terms of efficiency and price.Comprehensive comparison still has certain advantages.

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