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Have what kind of educational background, ability easy to find a job

If you don't have a degree and don't have work experience, it's hard to earn more than 10,000 yuan a month.If you can throw out the body, that a month one omnipotence to achieve, but the average person also won't do the work that sells the body in that way, if you are not born with gold spoon, only strive to find their own suitable and suitable for their own work.I would like to talk about the jobs I have been involved in, which require less energy and relatively high income. However, I have to put my heart and soul into them, and it takes at least several months of hard study and training.If you don't, don't read on.I do foreign trade clothing, each month please models, are generally according to the thing that money, domestic model a 350 yuan, the foreign model charge by the hour, generally is around 1500 an hour, are not included the photographer and makeup artist, the clothes from my seven years, a contact model, makeup girl many degree is not high, basically model with shape, good lens flu, photographed customers sell good, basically every day work, makeup artists and photographers as well.Models a month tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of no problem.The make up artist is 800 yuan a day, and the photographer is 2500 yuan a day. The monthly income is very considerable, and it is very easy to exceed 10,000 yuan.This is my personal experience.If you don't have a good figure, and don't have any education, and want to have a job with high income, I suggest a job, which is more suitable for young people. How to buy a fake degree? where to buy a degree? how can i get a master degree?It's an artist, as long as it's a junior artist.Online shops are now selling images, so artists this career is very short, don't need to be very advanced workmanship, as long as according to customer requirements, learn to ps and other software, it is not difficult to around $ten thousand a month, by the way, learn ps actually very simple, mastering some basic keyboard shortcuts, learn to figure, some filters and entry level operation can sharpen response network store decoration and the modification of the goods, as long as at work, more don't how long can a hand, is likely to start looking for a job salary thousands of yuan, by improving the craft wages will be more and more high.It is at least a craft, and a skill in the body lasts longer than being rich.

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