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How should choose to study abroad to rely on the intermediary?

1. Comparing whether the orientation of the institution is suitable for me, comparing the ratio of teachers and students of the overseas study institution, the price, as well as the guarantee and contract of each institution.

2. Choose overseas study institutions (don't decide whether they are good or bad by the size of the institution). The faculty, the ratio of teachers and students, the guarantee written in the contract, the service guarantee in the later period, the communication frequency between teachers and students during the service period, the admission rate in these years, and the value-added services that can make you get twice the result with half the effort. How to buy a fake degree? Where to buy a fake diploma online?As well as your own God conditions, study status, choose a country, choose a college level and so on to match, choose a high degree of match with you.

3, the nature of the overseas study industry is talent and service, do not pay too much attention to the size of the situation, the size of the reputation, be sure to focus on the consultant and clerical teachers responsible for your application, this is the most important for you.

4, do not need to find large institutions, but can directly from small and medium-sized institutions to find a teacher direct guidance, of course, the cost will increase.If you choose a large institution, you should pay attention to the turnover rate of teachers, because the staff turnover rate of a large institution is relatively high. If you change consultants and clerical teachers on the way of application, it will be very detrimental to your application.If you choose an independent consultant (remember to choose an independent consultant who is familiar with the industry and has a certain reputation), it depends on whether he has overseas study experience, rich working experience, professionalism, responsibility and patience.

5. Be sure to communicate with the consultants and clerical teachers who will handle your application process.Because most sales consultants, who are responsible for receptions, are not responsible for late applications.

6, choose the school must adhere to the ranking as much as possible to apply for famous schools, minimum school suggested their own choice, do not let the intermediary help you choose minimum school, give yourself an impact on the possibility of famous schools.

7, documents must be taken out everywhere please see please change, do not give documents intermediary do not find, they are actually written badly dare not give you out of trial.

8, even if you read the language school community college also want to set a goal for their English level, TOEFL less than 80 or self-management habits did not develop before don't go abroad, continue to take the test.

9. If the average applicant brings more than 12 or 13 students, it is hard to avoid carelessness or negligence. However, it is very rare for the average applicant to bring less than 15 students.

10. Look at the service process, every detail to stare at the whole process!Choose schools, documents, notarization, recommendation letters and so on, do not choose a set of templates and assembly line.

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