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University of Ottawa degree

The University of Ottawa is a research university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is one of the members of Canada's top research universities, is also a school of Canada.The university of Ottawa in Canada for a long time medical bo former top class university.School is located in the heart of downtown Ottawa, Canada's capital, adjacent to Canada on Capitol hill, the geographical position is extremely superior. Formerly by kept undefiled Notre Dame will offer the main founded in 1848, College of Bytown, originally a general education College, in the 1800 s by French and English professor pure science and applied science, beginning in 1872 obtained a bachelor degree, obtained a master degree in 1875, obtained doctoral degree in 1888.The university of Ottawa also actively committed to strengthening ties between the world, the international cooperation project involves many areas such as Europe, Africa and Latin America. Founded at the beginning, the university of Ottawa will show her power. Today, has become famous academic center. The school, including students and teachers, the total number has reached more than 30000 people, nearly thousands of international students account for 4% of the total number of students. Faculty at the University of Ottawa, has 73 Canadian principal investigator (Canada Research Chairs), chief researcher, 38 University (University of Ottawa Research Chairs), chief researcher at nine French Canadian society (Research Chairs in Canadian Francophonie) and more than one thousand staff.University of Ottawa, there are ten college, college of management, college of liberal arts, education institute, institute of academy of engineering, public health, law school, medical school, fake degree, faculty of science and social sciences, there are more than 200 professional, open a MBA degree in professional nearly 120 of them.

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