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My friend give me a fake degree, the Delta College degree as my gift.

Delta College degree

Delta College is a famous community colleges in the United States, was established in 1961. As one of the top American community colleges, delta college pay attention to the professional quality of teaching, to model professional, technical innovation and community leaders image and is famous for its outstanding graduates.Can feel different at delta college teaching experience, in a highly interactive teaching atmosphere, college faculty with super ability and sense of responsibility, to help students cultivate intelligence, development potential and buy diploma.College proud of region economic prosperity made the important contribution, to delta college dream, delta college graduates across various industries: nursing, teachers, doctors, senior trade agent, business manager, and so on. Delta academy award an associate's degree, bachelor degree , master degree, set up professional is numerous, mainly including accounting, art design, chemical, aviation technology, computer aided drawing, criminal justice, construction management, oral hygiene, and international relations research, nursing, fake degree, the practice of nursing, welding technology and so on.

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