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 Carnegie Mellon University degree

Carnegie Mellon University is a private research University.The school is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States.In 1967 by the Carnegie institute of technology and Mellon merged to form industry research institute.The area is not large, but has the first school of computer and theater academy, the school of art institute, school of business, buy diploma, engineering, and public school of management, psychology, statistics, applied mathematics and computer, decision science, computational biology and so on all are among the best in the United States, because of outstanding performance, Carnegie Mellon university voted as one of the new ivy (new ivies).The computer science research and MIT tied for first in the nation.The Carnegie institute of technology college of engineering ranks the sixth, seventh in the university of science and technology all over the world.The economist ranked 16th business school MBA.Business Week ranked 15 Business schools.At Carnegie Mellon university, because students are encouraged to break the bondage of traditional subjects, exploration and research in the field of interdisciplinary and world famous.School also has the unique interdisciplinary Bachelor degree, Master degree , doctoral Program, such as a Bachelor of Science in Computational Biology (computer Bachelor of Biology), Master of Entertainment Technology (by the school of computer Science and the art institute of common form of Entertainment Technology center, Entertainment Technology Master's degree), Master of Engineering & Technology Innovation Management (Master of Engineering and Science and Technology Innovation Management), Ph. D. Program in Machine Learning, Machine Learning, Dr Project), MBA degree and so on.

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