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Western Governors University degree

Western Governors University (WGU) is a private non profit network university, school based in Salt Lake City, Utah in the United States.Western governors university was founded in 1997 by the governor in the 19 states.Western governors university has more than 35000 students. Western governors university USES is based on the ability of the system, network teaching based on students and student counselors work and in the local test center test for the system. Western governors university opened the course undergraduate and master degree network main professional interdisciplinary research (K - 8), mathematics (5_9, 5_12), the science teaching (5_9), physical - chemical teaching (5_9), science teaching - (5_12) physics teaching, the teaching of science - biology teaching (5 -12), physical teaching - geography teaching special education (5_12), (K - 12), business management, business administration - human resource management, management, information technology management, marketing management, sales and sales management, accounting, information technology, information technology and network management, information technology and network design and management, information technology - security, information technology - software, medical informatics, nursing (registered nurse nurse - bachelor degree) MBA degree and medical informatics, etc.

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