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coventry university degree

Coventry university's origins can be traced back to coventry design institute was established in 1843.In 1970, the art institute of coventry and lanchester technical college and rugby engineering college merger.In honor of central England, Ph.D., a pioneer in automobile industry after the merger of institutions was named the lanchester institute of technology. In 1992, according to government legislation, named for coventry university. If you want to buy diploma, in coventry city centre of modern campus covers an area of 33 acres, coventry university consists of six colleges, they respectively are: coventry business school of art and design institute, coventry, college of engineering, health care and social sciences, mathematics and information sciences, diplomaserve, and institute of science and environment.Coventry university courses in more than 1800, in order to meet the needs of industry and society changing, university also set up more courses per year, including the master degree. More than 600 teaching staff teaching to the student. Coventry university currently has more than 16000 students in this study, is a style of study is rigorous comprehensive university. The automotive engineering, art design, computer, electronic commerce international relations and other professional is more strong. And in this study the cost of living is relatively low.Student counseling center (SUAC) provides free and fair to all students independence and confidential service, involving all the welfare and education problems.Every year, students will deal with more than 2800 students in all kinds of problem.If the consultant does not help students, they will introduce students and can help people get in touch.Consultant in the treatment of the student finance, housing rights, fake degree, consumers' rights and interests, law, discipline and students may some complex problems, such as complaints, rich experience.

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