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La trobe University degree

La trobe University degree

La trobe university was founded in 1964, is one of Australia's top universities, for its excellent teaching level and innovation spirit enjoys a high reputation in the world. La trobe university has been recognized as one of the most active Australian universities teaching research. The school awarded the MBA degree. And, in the past four years, it is also the government into one of the most popular university research fund.Is a teaching and scientific research and professional training is in the lead, enjoy international reputation of universities. Keep the first class international standard, play a good traditional teaching method, attach importance to research innovation, equality and freedom of academic atmosphere is the consistent tenet. Among them, the students can obtain the master degree and bachelor degree. La trobe university in 2005 by the British in The Times higher education special issue ( rated as one of the best 100 universities in the world.La trobe university at the same time also is the prestigious Melbourne used economic and social research ( rated as one of the ten top university in Australia.There are 3 areas in Melbourne, Australia's top ten university is one of the la trobe university.La trobe university has now become Australia's largest and one of the fastest growing established university funded by the government.In the health sciences, nursing, biomedical engineering, applied science, economy, fake degree, education field, la trobe university has been internationally renowned research center. Has four campus of la trobe university: two in the city (Melbourne center and bond DORA district), a in the east and (Wodonga) ORR britt city (Albury), another in the old city of gold bandy groove (Bendigo).So far, the student has more than 22000 (including 1600 overseas students), has 3395 teachers (1720 teaching staff and 1675 library, administrative management and technical staff). Its international education network and off course to Bhutan, China (including Hong Kong), France, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam.La trobe university with more than 260 world famous universities set up scientific research and communication link and a wide range of cooperation study. Buy diploma students also become more.

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